Friday, November 30, 2007

I drink too much coffee

Last night, my 2 year old found my bookmark and wrapped it around his sippy cup like a coffee sleeve.

"Look mama, I drink coffee, too!"

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Space Coast Half

Although I trained for and ran a marathon last January, and although I have kept up a somewhat respectable training routine since then, Sunday was my first official half-marathon. I was timid, mostly because my left foot has been aching; a mysterious soreness that seems to alternate between my plantar and my achilles. Basically, I feared that a long run at race pace might knock me out of the sport for a while. No one has ever confused me for being Kenyan, so it wasn't a huge shift to slow to a 12 minute mile or slower.

I drove up to Cocoa for a warm Florida race that unveiled a new theme this year: Space. From the countdown of the Space Shuttle on the jumbotron at the start, to the alien costumes running past me, the excitement was in the air. I even saw dolphins twice along the Indian River route. Without the lust for a PR, I was able to pay attention to the moment and really enjoy running for running's sake. After feeling fine at the turn-around, I started to pick it up a bit. By the last 5K, I was full of energy and inspiration. I was passing people left and right, even skipping my intervals with little effort. All was well, I had made up lots of time and was ending up a little faster than predicted.

When I came around the corner of the public park, the crowd went wild. Not only did I have the regular race photographers snapping away, I had video cameras surrounding me. People were clapping and yelling "Looking good!" I felt like a million bucks....until I hear a bicycle approaching from being and a man yelling "Get out of the way!!!!!"

Thirty-three year old, Ezekiel Ruto, was hurtling towards me and quite possibly would have mowed me over had the "Lead Runner" biker not come through. Ezekiel was completing the full marathon just about the time I was finishing the half. Still, it was a great race. And basking in the winner's glory for 25 seconds was nice, too.

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Six a.m., my wristwatch alarm goes off, and I roll out of bed trying not to wake anyone up.
I push the button to start the coffee brewing and change into my clothes not-so-neatly arranged the night before by the front door. Ten minutes later, I'm driving to meet up with 2000 other folks from the community for what may be my favorite family get together of the day. Even though it's a race, I endure more stress and competition from a Thanksgiving Meal than I do a Turkey Trot.

I am so thankful for discovering running...aches and all. With a sore foot, this morning wasn't an all out sprint, or even as quick as my regular pace. It was about seeing the hundreds of people whom I've met along the trails. It was about getting a jump start on all the calories I'm about to consume. It was about flooding my body with enough happy endorphins to hold me through the entire day with the relatives on Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving

Sunday, November 11, 2007