Wednesday, May 20, 2009

18 weeks

18 weeks 4 days

I had my monthly visit with the midwife this morning and was a little bummed to find out I've gained 6 pounds in the last 4 weeks.  I thought I was being so good - really aiming for 1lb per week as directed.  Apparently, my home scale is a little more lenient than that of the midwife.

However, considering I was so sick the first 3 months and gained next to nothing, 6 lbs total isn't so bad.  My midwife put it into perspective, too.  She measured me at 2 weeks larger than I should be, which means the baby has grown a lot this month.  

Looking down at her chart, she said, "Ooh, your first was 8lbs 3oz!  Oh you'll have no trouble with a 9 pounder!"  Yikes!  Not really what I want to hear! :)

Today's Run

Another cool late-morning meant another great run.  I didn't have much time, so I was only out for 30 minutes or so and a quarter mile less than 3 miles.  I started really slow, taking walk breaks every 4 minutes, but 15 minutes into it, I didn't want to stop.  My pace picked up to a steady 9:50 minute mile (2 minutes faster than my "normal pregnancy" pace) and I'm sure I could have done a couple more if I had time.  

Monday, May 18, 2009

18 week run

18 weeks pregnant

It was 66 degrees this morning and I decided: screw the gym, I'm running outside!  It's been a little while since I've actually run off the treadmill, so I was a little worried how my body would handle it.  I wrapped a belly belt around my hips (more details later) and hit the trail.  I took it easy, running 4:1's, finishing 4 miles in 48 minutes.  Looks like that's my pace now, which is fine. 

Delicious.  Now if I can just do something about the non-stop armpit sweating, I'd really enjoy this trimester. :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Kids these days

So, my belly is getting bigger and I realized it's time to get something to wear other than my 3 elastic band skirts that I wear everyday.  I headed on over to Old Navy to get me some cheap fashion and what do I see?  A whole wall selection of maternity shorts and pants!  Sweet - they had the look of style, BUT a big 2 inch elastic-looking band around the top.  No problem, a long T-shirt could hide that.  

But wait....they weren't stretchy.   As my hands pulled at the top, they did not give.  THEY WEREN'T maternity!  What? What? What?  Ugly maternity pants are now in fashion?!?!? 
Does that mean my ever expanding waist and thighs are cool, too?