Saturday, July 19, 2008


Jessica is "overweight" -- and a triathlete.

155 lbs.
BMI 25

Been feeling a bit crappy today, then stumbled upon this flickr site by Kate Harding. It posts 100+ photos of people, listing their height, weight and BMI. It lets you know if they are "normal," "overweight," "obese," or "morbidly obese."

BMI is bullshit.

But just like "8 glasses of water a day," BMI is easy to grasp, so it's idea spreads like wildfire...then it is hard to contain. It can be used to generalize, but says little about your actual health.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Unplanned arm workout

Back home again!
I've been in Sunny Portland, Oregon (Eureka! I hit the 2 weeks of summer jackpot! Funny, it rained in Miami the entire time I was gone. Good Karma?)

My running was limited but my training was intense. I hit the Portland hills just once in running shoes, for a short 30 minutes. It was all I had dreamed. Alas, no sitter for the rest of the trip.
But for 9 other days, I carried my 43" tall, 45 pound three year old for hours and hours and hours. I now have arms and shoulders of steel.

More to share later, but here's a nice child carrying trick I figured out: If your child falls asleep and you must carry him/her but your arms are dying....put your backpack on backwards over the child, it will hug him/her next to you and give your arms a break.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Random thought:
Wearing my hair in a ponytail/pulled back for 30 years has made the middle of the back of my (incredibly straight) hair permanently wavy.

With that note - I'm going on vacation. Hope to run a few miles in the cool Oregon air. Bummed that I'll miss the Olympic Trials in Eugene, though.