Tuesday, May 20, 2008

it's virginia hot

it's Virginia hot and the Everglades' fires have sent the ashy snow over the town
making it smell like a festival,
like home.
but i don't mind sweating while sitting still;
it makes me feel human,
it makes me think of swimming in the Rivanna River at midnight,
steam blurring the treeline,
black snake passing in a figure 8;
when i was still invincible.
the heat muddles our attempts at beauty,
taking the advantage away from the sculpted.
time moves slower,
except for the folks in the air-conditioning who buzz away doing chores
looking out in pity,
or disdain,
at us poor folk plodding in the wet air.
they are crisp,
but unseduced.

photo stolen off of mike caron's flickr

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Southern Hospitality

My Country Music Nashville Half Marathon Story can be found over here.


In college, I was introduced to an "up and coming" author named Julia Alvarez.
I've followed her work ever since and gone to see her speak when she has come to Miami.

So, I was surprised to stumble upon a previously unread book in the library a couple weeks ago. It was tiny, just 40 pages or so, called A Cafecito Story. Essentially, it's a story about how one gringo was inspired to continue the "old ways" on a coffee plantation in the Dominican Republic. The afterward explains how this tale, although not true, was loosely based upon Julia's and her husband's own experience - and how they have a farm, Cafe Alta Gracia, that continues the old way in addition to serving the farmer's community.

As if it wasn't already inspiring to a conscientious coffee addict, I was shocked to find out it was actually a lot cheaper than the conventional coffee I normally buy.

And it's true what Julia says:

"Coffee tastes better when birds sing over it."

(confidential to AtlantaMom: thanks for checking on me. I'm fine...just offline for a while)