Friday, February 27, 2009

The Truth About Exercising While Pregnant

Honestly, it isn't the workout that is tough.  I become invigorated once I've begun....but I'm going to have to take a 2 hour nap later in the day - even if it means putting on Noggin for the boy so I can drool on the rug- or face down on the kitchen table.

Today's CrossFit:

Warmup & 300 meter row

4 Rounds of:
:30 on/:30 off Row for 3 minutes at fastest pace (me: 1:55 minutes/500 meter) =410-450 meters

15/12/9/6 Low Ring Pushups

15/12/9/6 Sit ups on crazy hanging contraption.  (sure - it probably has another name).

Overview: Holy crap, I'm winded quickly!  Took up to 2 minute breaks in between stations.
Then again, I think puking up my entire dinner last night and doing a 6:30 am workout on an empty tank probably wasn't the best way to reach my full potential. :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Today's workout

CrossFit Workout - 45 minutes

warmups & 300 row

5 rounds of:
4/4 Mixed hand position pull ups using purple band 
8/8 20lb dip-press single arm
12/12  lunge with back leg on bench

4 rounds Tabata (20 seconds on:10 seconds off):
opposite crunches
plank crunches

3 isolation rounds:
8  (30lb) bar bicep curl
8  rubber band press- triceps


Week six in pregnancy: Tough on the muscles, but heart rate stayed in a reasonable range.  Had to force a banana and peanut butter down before hand because I was feeling so nauseated.  Felt perfectly normal throughout workout, but feel a little queasy again now afterward.  Maybe a smoothie will stay down?   It's amazing that I feel so good while working out, but so terrible all other times!

I'm Back!

I have the advanced sense of smell of a wolf.
The thought of coffee makes me gag.
I'm peeing every 15 minutes.
I can't stomach more than a couple bites at a time.
My "slow run" pace can be considered a sprint.
I nap every day at 2:30 whether I should or not.
EVERY commercial makes me cry.

Yep - I'm pregnant (almost 7 weeks).
Very excited, very sick.

But - I'm still doing a CrossFit workout 2x a week and trying to get a run in at least once a week.  I'm here to document my experience.