Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Note to Self (as if they all aren't):

On Wednesday, August 22 I will test out number 66 of my 101 in 1001 , the Juice Fast.
I'm scared because I'll forgo my ritual morning coffee, something I've done only a couple times before. A few times when I was homeless in Utrecht and for the 9 months of my pregnancy. Both vastly different times, I couldn't contain my misery. Of course, both situations were uncomfortable in their own right and perhaps I'm unsure what truly triggered my sickness...but I'm pretty convinced I was victim of withdraw.
I'm also partially nauseated by the memory of cucumber/fennel/ celery juice experienced just today. Whew, but I'm going for a full day of juice tomorrow, as a first step. I'll see if this is when I take it 3 days in a row.
Really, the rewards from juicing: are less encouraging.

There are certain side effects that you may encounter when you commence your juice fast... can include headaches, nausea and dizziness as the blood receives waste toxins from your cells. You may also experience bad breath and a ‘furry’ tongue as the body attempts to expel toxins through the throat and mouth.

Update on Wednesday at 6:43. Late for a dentist appointment, I jumped out of bed and headed out the door immediately to get my tooth drilled & filled. Drooling, I raced across town to my next appointment, no chance to feed my body. At 1pm, I FINALLY got a chance to eat....well, drink. Seemingly all at the same time, my body realized it was starving, there wasn't a drop of caffeine and the tooth numbing agent had worn off. Today sucks...but I guess a good time to fast since I can't chew anyhow. Still can't contain my misery (poor family).

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