Monday, April 14, 2008

Thanks a million (...tears)

I'd like to give my thanks the 60 something old man in the white convertible who slowed down to ensure I'd hear him yell "You're STUPID" while I was crossing the street.

You were that final drop that let me cry it all out.

Cry about not being pregnant again, for the 13th month in a row of trying.

Cry about fucking every single thing up this morning at work and having my new boss ridicule & belittle me.

Cry about being settled for the first time in life and then the Gods shaking that up and telling me to move.

Cry because I've been wanting to for weeks, but all these other little cracks in the damn weren't enough to take it down...

until on an already disheartening day that began at vocalized how I've been feeling about myself.

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AtlantaMom said...

I am certain that the cry was just what you needed. I would bet a pretty penny that you felt better afterward.

I've been feeling teary lately too, though not for the same reasons. (although one reason does happen to be in regards to the inability to get pregnant).

From what I've read of you, or rather what you've chosen to put into words allowing me to read, you are a phoenix who will rise every time life begins to crumble. I was drawn to that about you and felt a kinship.