Saturday, May 10, 2008


In college, I was introduced to an "up and coming" author named Julia Alvarez.
I've followed her work ever since and gone to see her speak when she has come to Miami.

So, I was surprised to stumble upon a previously unread book in the library a couple weeks ago. It was tiny, just 40 pages or so, called A Cafecito Story. Essentially, it's a story about how one gringo was inspired to continue the "old ways" on a coffee plantation in the Dominican Republic. The afterward explains how this tale, although not true, was loosely based upon Julia's and her husband's own experience - and how they have a farm, Cafe Alta Gracia, that continues the old way in addition to serving the farmer's community.

As if it wasn't already inspiring to a conscientious coffee addict, I was shocked to find out it was actually a lot cheaper than the conventional coffee I normally buy.

And it's true what Julia says:

"Coffee tastes better when birds sing over it."

(confidential to AtlantaMom: thanks for checking on me. I'm fine...just offline for a while)

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