Monday, April 18, 2011

Right to the Point

What's the most efficient use of this blog space and your keen inexplicable interest in my running?
  • Bullet Point Update

So, without further ado, I'd like to update my wee lil' blog by highlighting all the important info that's been missing the last few months.  'Cause, folks, I'm back.
  • I not only got my team to cross the finish line in San Antonio Rock & Roll Half Marathon last November, but everyone who kept with the program hit his/her goal time.   
  • Most of us have since run the 3M Half Marathon in January and the Austin Livestrong Half Marathon in February.
  • I have signed myself up to become a Certified Running Coach with the Road Runners Club of America because those who can't, teach I have a mad love of coaxing people beyond their usual 3 mile run and into the delicious world of Medals-For-Everyone and sucking liquid candy at 9am. Should be certified by Mid-May.
  • My "baby" is now 18 months and 'full of piss and vinegar' (as my mom would say).  That's okay, I can log all the miles I'm chasing him.  He does, however, insist on pushing me in the jogging stroller for a while after our runs and that's got to count for something. (I'll try to get a photo of that).
  • My eldest is in Kindergarten and was simultaneously crushed and humbled when he realized running a 1K race was really, really hard.  It's too soon to know if he'll ever want to be my running partner.
  • I am 4 months in to my One Year, One Thousand Mile Challenge with friends and have to cut this blog short to catch up to my amigos.

So, to recap my recap: 

 Blog Update
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