Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Motivator

Last night, my three year old was a HERO.
He was applauded and cheered for.
He inspired dozens and dozens of people to push themselves harder than they thought they could.
He motivated a 30-something athletic man to run a bit faster than he planned on.
He helped shave 3 minutes off a young woman's Personal Record.
He sat patiently in his stroller as I raced an 8K.

Nothing motivates runners to pick up their pace like being passed by a stroller.

(thanks to Vancouver Dad for the photo)


morgan said...

Fantastic! And so true. I "ran" a tiny local 5K when I was 8 1/2 months pregnant. I also was pushing my 3-year-old in the BabyJogger. I am playing no "superwoman" card here -- I was dead last for a bit (I walked the hills and ran the flats and downhills -- my town is all hills, I tell you!). Then I passed a few runners -- two teens who went out too fast and another mom pushing a stroller, so I was fourth from last by the end (I finished in around 35 minutes). People did pick up the pace when they saw me coming. Some said, "She can't be pregnant!" And I thought, "What? This bizarre big belly is not just my body shape!"

AtlantaMom said...

You are amazing - and your son had to be loving all the attention.

AtlantaMom said...

Ahhh, "Still Life With Woodpecker." Yes, I know the book, though it was a lifetime ago that I read it. I lived on the island of Maui for a few years (which is referenced in the book), and it was at this time that I read the book 1992-ish. I should re-read it.

Next time you try the dye-in-a-box you'll now how to fix the mess, won't you? :-)