Thursday, February 21, 2008

Third Time's a Charm

Three half marathons, in 4 months.
First (November), a wee bit slow because of sore foot.
Second (January), I was pace leader so I had to stay put.
Third (February), I blew my PR out of the water by almost 14 minutes.

Hoorah for me.

March is a Sprint Triathlon with a half mile swim (WTF?)

April is half marathon number four.

May....who knows.


Cord Courrege said...

Thanks for your note reminding me that "I love running." Your race schedule looks like fun. I have 2 1/2 Marathons this month. Good luck with your Tri.

By the way, I just posted about a 5k race I ran yesterday. Yet another reminder why I love running.

Check it out:

AtlantaMom said...

Holy masochism, Batman!

You are one tough lady. I admire you, though not only for your strength and stamina.