Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Today's workout

CrossFit Workout - 45 minutes

warmups & 300 row

5 rounds of:
4/4 Mixed hand position pull ups using purple band 
8/8 20lb dip-press single arm
12/12  lunge with back leg on bench

4 rounds Tabata (20 seconds on:10 seconds off):
opposite crunches
plank crunches

3 isolation rounds:
8  (30lb) bar bicep curl
8  rubber band press- triceps


Week six in pregnancy: Tough on the muscles, but heart rate stayed in a reasonable range.  Had to force a banana and peanut butter down before hand because I was feeling so nauseated.  Felt perfectly normal throughout workout, but feel a little queasy again now afterward.  Maybe a smoothie will stay down?   It's amazing that I feel so good while working out, but so terrible all other times!

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Becs said...

I just stumbled on your site. I just had my second child almost 6 weeks ago and was sick the entire pregnancy.(I lost 27 pounds I was so sick and was hospitalized for almost a week... but gained it all back despite getting actively sick straight through delivery.) Anyway, I think I only ran once or twice after I completed a Muddy Buddy and Sprint Tri in the first few weeks. So awesome for you that you are able to physically keep at it!
I just went out for a jog the other day and I think I barely moved faster than my 70 year old neighbor who was also out, but I was so relieved to. Its just HARD to fit in (and to do so comfortably) while nursing.
I didnt realize seemommyrun had blogs... thats so cool. I was thinking of starting my own workout blog (separate from my personal one) just the other day.