Sunday, February 3, 2008 Ireland

Once upon a time, a decade or so ago, I lived on the streets of Ireland.
I was a rebellious young woman with dreams of being an artist. Hopeless romanticism, curiosity and stubbornness quickly turned me into a Starving Artist. I sold Big Issue and made jewelry & sculptures out of found objects -life wasn't easy or as I'd hoped. My adventures led me to an Irish mandolin player in County Clare who healed and then broke my heart.

Naturally, I related to this film...

...but the fact that my husband loves and is inspired by this film, reminds me I am a "right feckin' loowkey gerl." I'm in a good place now.


AtlantaMom said...

I was so excited to finally see a post from you. It's been a long time. I look so forward to reading your words.

You have a gift, and that is lucky indeed.

Chrysanthemum. said...

once is such a beautiful film! one of my favourites. :)