Wednesday, February 6, 2008

"Strong" Coffee

Out the window, a Sysco truck parked mid-street caught my attention. The driver opened the back, rolled out a dolly with vegetable boxes stacked 10 high. I watched him disappear into truck again, leaving his stack balanced on the tailgate.

So from 30 feet away, sitting on the sofa of the bookstore, coffee in hand, indie music on the speaker above, I blew.

One quick puff of air directed at the boxes...and they toppled over.


Chrysanthemum. said...

thank you for your lovely words on my journal. :) you are such a talented writer! i'm trying to be. and as you can probably tell, i'm trying too hard. ha.

...and this story is really incredible. i love little things like that. :]

AtlantaMom said...

Thanks for the laugh! I just love your writing.