Monday, April 13, 2009

13 weeks

13 weeks now and I see the light at the end of this queasy-regurgitating-exhausting first trimester.  I'm down to just dry heaving in the morning but hunger has come back in full force.

I took a class at the Y today - "Pure Strength" - which was more entertaining than I expected.  Out of the hope I'd get cues for modification, I told the instructor that I was pregnant and that I may not be able to do everything.  "Sure you can - we won't be laying on our stomachs."  That made me giggle.  She walked away before I could get out that I'm not supposed to lay flat on my back.  
Anyway - I aerobicized my little heart out for the hour, self-modifying when needed, and came out comfortably sore.

Of course, I tore into lunch like a vulture at a buffet, but that's an entirely different workout story.  

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