Tuesday, April 7, 2009


12 1/2 weeks pregnant

What a morning! Oh, it's certainly the little things.

I woke up...and get this...I didn't dry heave in the sink. Oh, glorious morning! The lack of my routine demoralizing episodes inspired me to hit the gym with a vengeance!

5 minute crossfit warm up
30 minutes on the elliptical machine keeping heart rate around 130-145
30 minutes of weights: leg curls and pull ups and dips and calf raises and more!

Followed by a WEIRD craving of peanut butter on celery (
on celery, I tell you, that's not me).

As if I needed more evidence my body is occupied by another: I made chicken noodle soup for family dinner last night.   I guess that's only odd since I've been a vegetarian for, oh, a decade.  
My husband and I eat dessert every night, but since I've been pregnant, I can't really tolerate sweet.  What have I wanted instead? PROTEIN!!!  I've been eating turkey sandwiches and chicken egg rolls like they are going out of style.  Making a meat dish for dinner last night was like code to my husband giving him permission to suggest other meat meals for me.
He went in low & dirty, too.  He suggested we should have the California Pizza Kitchen BBQ Chicken pizza tonight.   He had me at California.

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